forgotten gypsy songs of Italy

Finally the new CD and show that we wait for long time. A guarantee of good music and amazing stories (Music On Time)

IN BRIEF  Folk Gypsy music and rebels Italian standards  to sing and dance together all night.

A new and unique project led by Erasmo Treglia that unites important artists of Italian world music scene: the historic Gypsy band Acquaragia Drom and the apulian virtuoso (mandola) Mimmo Epifani.

“Rebelde” is a musical adventure that speaks the pure nomad language, which crosses borders and reach to every corner of the world.

“Rebelde” is a revolution of music genres which manifests itself in an animated show that brings together “Bella Ciao” and ” Italiano vero”, swing manouche and pizziche rom from Salento, “24.000 Baci” and neapolitan “unza unza” under the volcano.

To sing and dance together, everyone attending a wedding Gypsy, flavored italianissimo.