E così tutto canta | MishMash (English)


And so everything sings
Dialogue and music for a possible future

The CD book ‘And so everything sings’ is a collection of dialogues and music for a possible future.
The articles by the Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi (on the ensemble MishMash, the protagonist of the project), of Tiziana Vecchio (Friends of Peace, Friends of the waters), the sad memorial of Cesare Valabrega of the flight of a Hebrew family on the Gothic Line, the conversation between Daniela di Capua and Francesca Corrao (Art as an instrument of peace), the short and intense account of Bruno Zoia, which recalls an experience on the borders between Turkey and Syria, and the lyrics and poems of Edith Bruck, of Max Manfredi, of Farid al-Din’Attar, all texts linked to the flow of the music of MishMash.

MishMash is a mixture of vagabond sounds which live in the region of the Mediterranean, the middle-east world and the countries of the East. It is music which searches for the differences and searches for the harmony between different parts, it is the soundtrack of an adventure and spirituality; it is a cry for a dialogue for peace. The violin, the doublebass, the Persian zarb, the guitar, the voices and all the other musical instruments favour the meeting with the poems, the images, the tales of travel and the notes which are written to be played together, conducted by Marco Valabrega, Nicola Pignatiello, Bruno Zoia, Mohssen Kasirossafar and many guests.

‘If a globalization intends to make everyone equal, as if it were a sphere, this globalization would destroy the individuality of each person and each population.’

Josè Bergoglio, Francis I the Pope