BandAdriatica – Babilonia (English)

FT 66


“This is an interesting project that superbly integrates new composition with roots and demonstrates how easily music can cross national and linguistic barriers.” Michael Hingston (Folk Roots)


Babilonia is Bandadriatica’s fourth release, produced by Finisterrae and promoted with the support of Puglia Sounds Record.

The ensemble from Salento, leaded by Claudio Prima’s voice and organetto, focuses its attention on the fascinating musical cultures of the two coasts of the Adriatic Sea. In this new album, surprisingly blending various sounds into one, the group pushes its sight toward Turkey, Lebanon, Armenia.

Bandadriatica is sailing more and more toward the East, looking for the common traits among the various traditions, to rewrite traditional music through original tunes and songs.

The Adriatic sea, the great hidden sea, a Babylon of languages and cultures, is unveiled by these musicians who know many of its possible routes. Starting from this Babylon of sounds coming from the two coasts through ancestral phonemes and new musical syllables, Bandadriatica tries to create a new dialogue between the traditions, keeping up the groove.