Dahlìa (english)

Hybrid Essence


“Hybrid Essence is the debut album of Dahlìa.
Dahlìa’s Sound is formed by the combination of electronic atmospheres and the less known musical instruments such as Nyckelharpa, Nak Tahru or the Hurdy-Gurdy.
That’s an Hybrid Groove sustained by natural and digital percussions, rhythmic sequences characterized by Arianna’s voice that colors every tune. The band has developed its style and feautures in a small town called Maranola but Dahlìa’s stories reach also the ancient walls of Rome, the Eternal City.
Every petal of Dahlìa has its special perfume and represents a stop on the journey through the places of the soul: “Diva” with its stormy sea, “Amor” that loses its dreams on the city’s streets, “Marrakech” between the desert dunes and the casbah, in an “Hypnotica” atmosphere. Then we have the bittersweet  stories embodied by “ To a friend” or “Malinconia” and “Sunset”, “For Granted” with their fragile but intense loves. All these fragments can be assembled in order to create “Hybrid Essence” and its new and extraordinary itineraries.

Dahlìa is composed by Arianna Colantoni(Voice) Mario Ferro (Sound Design and Hybrid Drum) Giordano Treglia (Sound Design and Hurdy-Gurdy, Nyckelharpa, Nak Tahru, Electric Guitar, Piano).


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