Famiglia Maraviglia (english)

Ballate acustiche con strumenti musicali curiosi


Giordano Tregliahurdy-gurdy, lira calabrese, nak tarhu
Clara Grazianovocal, accordion, jew,s harp, dance
Erasmo Tregliatrumpet-violin, mandolin, ciaramella, nixkelharpa,
Arianna Colantoni:  vocal, autoharp

Many islands in the Mediterranean sea and many with a curious, unique, secret history. The “Calypso project. Stories of islands” proposes a musical journey in 12 islands, each inhabited by a story to be told through music, words and very original musical little orchestra.

Big islands as Sicily, Sardinia, Malta, Creta and little archipelags or rocks in the sea as Gavdos, Lampione, La Galite, Alboran, Djerba, Ventotene all together in this project where Calypso tolds fantastic stories.

The sailors are a true family of musicians composed by father, mother, son, daughter-in-law. All together on stage with their unique and original musical instruments of the “Future Baroque”: hurdy gurdy, nickelharpa, lira calabrese, accordion, shell, trumpet-violin, autoharp, etc. and the voices that sing in Italian but also in Sicilian, Sabir, Sardinian, Spanish, etc.

This is the central point of the proposed project: the possibility of telling the islands without being isolated and using the moment of the show (and especially its preparation) to share an experience.
The music is all original and strictly linked to the folk tradition of our sea.

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