Fiumerapido – Zampogneria (english)

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Zampogneria – Fiumerapido

FT 70

“In our project absolute protagonist is the Bagpipe, musical tool of long tradition and great actuality that has withstood the transformation of the Italian pastoral world in which it was diffused and it now proposes as a proper instrument for every type of music, traditional and experimental. In Fiumerapido our original compositions are placed side by side to traditional passages and to some standards of the European balfolk following both sacred music and music for dance.”

Marco Tomassi

Starting from the bagpipe in the European courts since the XVII century (said Sordellina), Marco Tomassi, Marco Iamele and Georgio Pinai developed a run of search among ancient and new repertoires of different kind of bagpipe. The work is a real European map that connects the south and the north of Italy with Galizia, British islands and France. And from these Countries come some eclectic guests in Fiumerapido: French Eric Montbel, the Galician Susana Seivane and David Shepherd, English violinist of Blowzabella.

You can find here ancient and new music, local and European, holy, profane, and popular music: a reality in transformation but tightly connected to people who built and played these instruments in Italy and between the roads of Europe – during years and centuries.