Mario Incudine | D’Acqua e di rosi (english)

“Singer of a Canzoniere poured as in an hug – whispered, howled, smeared among the shivers – Mario Incudine who’s author of words, composer of notes and interpreter of the eternal canvas of the love, he sings the troubles and the sorcery of the nostalgia”.

Pietrangelo Buttafuoco


The new CD of the poliedric Sicilian artist, is entirely devoted to the love and the love lived by the island’s women.

A fascinating repertoire of original passages composed by Incudine with fruitful collaborations as those with Franco Barbarino, Mario Saroglia, Carlo Muratori, Antonio Vasta. Among these tracks is also added an original Vuccuzza di ciuri, interpretation / translation of Bocca di rosa by Fabrizio De Andrè.

Words in the melodious Sicilian language and music of various echoes of the world to remember us this crossroad of cultures and passions, of styles and feelings that it is the mother island of the Mediterranean sea, a Trinacria in which the women are sung, reported, dreamed and always protagonists of every moment of the history and the daily life. 

“Sicilian women are made of water and roses: sea water, flavoured with salt; scented roses, defended by thorns. Each woman brings a melody with her: vibrant wood that serenades at night, tempered metal that warms every food, Scirocco wind pursuing rocks, limestone guarding flowers, an ancient music that creates a passion”.

Mario Incudine