Raffaello Simeoni | Orfeo Incantastorie (english)

Raffaello Simeoni | Orfeo Incantastorie

FT 75

Raffaello Simeoni is one of the most important compositor and interpreter of popular italian music. He’s a tireless author but also a researcher of Sabina’s area traditional musical materials, for this reason he’s coming back with a brand new project called ”Orfeo Incantastorie”.
Simeoni begins with the ancient traditional culture linked to this particular Italian’s area which was profoundly characterized by some elements of Franciscan culture just like travel or pilgrimage songs, stories about fantastic encounters in natural environments of extraordinary beauty.
All these elements contribute to the creation of a narrative plot filled of poetic emotion. Raffaello’s voice sings invocations and hymns to mother Nature, love songs and lullabies as a modern Orfeus would do, generating an imaginary painting which fascinates and excites the public.

By the way all the illustrations of the CD cover were made by Raffaello himself.