Romarabeat (English)


Maghrebi musicians, with Roma and Italian soloists in an explosive debut album.

The Arabic civilisation, which was widely spread in the whole Mediterranean, has undoubtedly given the Western world some architectural treasures and influenced literature, painting and music too. Arabic melodies and instruments have left a deep mark in the history and musical taste in the West, from Istanbul to the Balcans, from Maghreb to Sicily and Andalusia.

Next to the Arabic musicians that would compose and interpret this repertoire, there were other excellent representatives of this rich tradition: Roma people. Travelling from the North of Africa to Andalusia and from Turkey to the Balcans, these artists would collaborate with local musicians like the Spanish gitanos and the tsigani people in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.
The project Romarabeat aims to recreate that musical harmony inspired by these migrations, from Maghreb to the Balcans.

The ensemble is formed by: Primiano Di Biase – piano, Ziad Trabelsi – vocals/oud, Paolo Rocca – clarinets, Florian Preda – cimbalom, Ionel Nicolae – accordion, Mihaly Huszar – doublebass, Simone Talone – percussions, Hersi Matmuja – vocals, Houcine Ataa – vocals/riq.