ZampogneriA (english)

New melodies for ancient instruments


Marco Tomassi – Sordellona in Sol, Zampogna Gigante in Sol e in Fa
Marco Iamele – Zampogna Gran Concerto in Sol, Bifara in Sol, Bifara in Re, Grancassa e Piatti
Giorgio Pinai – Ciaramella in Fa, Bifara in Re, Musettes in Sol e in Re, Cromorno in Fa, Nacchere Boezione

Absolute protagonist is the Bagpipe; original compositions are placed to traditional passages and to some standards of the European balfolk following both sacred music and music for dance. Zampogneria is ancient and new music, local and European, holy, profane, and popular music: a reality in transformation but tightly connected to people who built and played these instruments during centuries.

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