LEUCA | Rachele Andrioli (English)

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The first solo album by Rachele Andrioli, singer- songwriter and multi-instrumentalist it’s finally out!

In “Leuca,” the artist turns her musical gaze on the world like a lighthouse, starting from the end of the earth, her birthplace and place of belonging: Capo di Leuca. This work is the fruit of years of research into the musical traditions that link Salento to every South of the World; the music and unreleased lyrics tell Mediterranean stories suspended between truth and legend.

“Leuca” is a project that looks at the sea, crossed by all-female waves that renew the tradition thanks to the participation of Coro a Coro, an ensemble of about 40 women’s voices founded and directed by Rachele.

Moreover, “Leuca” is characterized by some signature songs paying tribute to artists such as Victor Jara, Enzo Avitabile, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Rina Durante.

Rachele’s voice certainly stands out with her great interpretative strength and the originality of her compositions that create a new way of making music focusing on the emotions solicited by a melody, a rhythm.

Accompanying the release of the album there are some video clips including “Fimmana De Mare” and a concert tour in Italy and abroad.

The work, supported by Puglia Sounds with Programma Puglia Sounds Record Italia 2022, is produced by Finisterre Music Labed that dedicates itself also to new proposals and emerging artists in international World Music.


Rachele Andrioli acquired an important role between Apulian’s new proposals, that’s testified by an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad.

She participated to prestigious festivals, solo and with musical formations of World Music, Jazz and Classical Music, also collaborating with important international artists such as Arto Lindsay, Piers Faccini, Baba Sissoko, Roopa Mahadevan.

She works developing her the voice according to traditional music styles, using innovative techniques: Rachele starts from the Apulian folk repertoire in order to fuse it with other musical worlds.

In live performance, she accompanies her voice with frame drums, harmonic flutes, scacciapensieri, stringed instruments and electronics.

She’s the leader of polyphonic singing workshops in Italy and around the world and founded the women’s choral workshop “Coro a Coro,” which welcomes many women from all over Salento.

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