MOVITI FERMA | Eleonora Bordonaro (English)

FT 82

Moviti ferma


Moviti Ferma, produced by Puccio Castrogiovanni, is an intimate and groundbreaking record, in which the theatrical character of Sicilian dialect is absorbed by the rhythmic intertwinement of the jew’s-harp and drums.

In Sicilian ‘muvirsi’ does not mean to move but to stay. An oxymoron, both of language and thought, that reveals the ancestral dualism between evolving or enduring, leaving and staying, between the desire to travel and being forced to immobility. Of all this, body and longing, speaks ‘Moviti Ferma’. It is a collective record, imbued with femininity, intensity and pride, generated by the need to feel part of a loving world. It is a singular narrative conceived by the support of a collectivity that represents strength and landscape.

It is a nod to that generation that left believing to be free to choose its own world and found itself broken forever. As who is free to go, is also free to come back.

This collective context is held together by Eleonora Bordonaro’s voice; the artistic connections pay their homage to the creativity of the Etna area, where authors and musicians contribute to the cultural scene of the isle with contemporary sounds.

The original lyrics narrate of a research for balance with nature, of the need to move but to stay still, rooted, at the same time, of challenges and ways of facing them.Rhythmic, sensual, energic record, theatrical in its content and with a light attitude.

The lyrics of ‘Moviti Ferma’ were composed by the creatives that represent the vibrant city that is Catania: Biagio Guerrera, poet, chef Carmelo Chiaramonte, Marinella Fiume, linguist and former mayor, actors Gaspare Balsamo and Giovanni Calcagno, Saro Urzì, owner of the historic pub, trattoria and culture hub Nievski. The musicians took care of turning these thoughts into notes and images, creating atmospheres that are almost cinematic; Cesare Basile blends blues, African music and original song-writing in an authentic Sicilian dialect, Michele Musarra fuses popular music with trance and reggae, Agostino Tilotta, is the soul of the Uzeda, known noise band from Catania, and the Lautari, that for the past thirty years have been re-writing the Sicilian traditional folk music in a simple and refined style. Between these also the Sambazita drums lab, specialised in an afro-samba repertoire and the Jaracanda Small Popular Orchestra of Etna, with its enthralling folk-acoustic sound. Fabrizio Puglisi and Giovanni Arena have contributed with their jazz and contemporary vision to the melody of a popular waltz.

‘Moviti Ferma’ portrays all the electrifying energy of an artistic community that lives with a pure and instinctive desire to make art.

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